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Application for Ammonium Chloride

Application of ammonium chloride: mainly used in dry batteries, ammonium salts, tanning, electroplating, medicine, photography, electrodes, adhesives, etc. 


Agricultural: Ammonium chloride is also called halogen sand, which is a kind of available nitrogen chemical fertilizer, which contains 24%-25% nitrogen, which belongs to physiological acid fertilizer. It is suitable for wheat, rice, corn, rape and other crops, especially for cotton and hemp crops. However, due to the nature of ammonium chloride,if the application is not correct, it will often bring some adverse effects on soil and crops.


Industrial: Ammonium chloride is mainly used in battery, electroplating, dyeing, casting, medicine, flocking, fluff, chemical intermediates and so on. It is a colorless crystal or white crystalline powder,odorless,salty,cool,hygroscopic. This product is easy to dissolve in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. The aqueous solution is weak acidic, and when heated, the acidity increases. Corrosive to ferrous metals and other metals, especially to copper, not to pig iron.


Food : It can be used as food additive, mainly used for yeast bread, soy sauce, casing, rice wine, flour and other food industry, now has been widely used for water disinfection treatment agent by waterworks.


Pharmatical : Pharma grade ammonium chloride with iron deficiency expectorant, cough, correct alkalemia and diuretic effect, also can enhance the ring element and drug penicillin antibacterial effect.Pharma grade ammonium chloride can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates and can be used as medicine material.





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