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Ammonium Chloride Feed Grade Supply Protein Nutrition

Do you have calculosis in cattle and sheep, or malnutrition in cats and dogs? Or fear of post-partum paralysis, low blood calcium?


Today Jianghai engineer introduce you a calculosis killer for ruminant-Feed Grade Ammonium Chloride. The ammonium chloride is divided into several categories according to the needs of different industries, such as feed grade ammonium chloride, which can be used to add food such as cattle and sheep, so what circumstances should it be added to the feed? What is the effect of using it? 



Today, Jianghai engineers teach us how to use feed grade ammonium chloride correctly. It can be effectively supplement protein nutrition. Nitrogen in ammonium chloride can synthesize microbial nitrogen acid through a series of biochemical reactions, and then synthesize microbial protein, thus saving feed protein. 


Ammonium chloride was added to the feed of animals such as cattle and sheep as ammonium salt non-protein nitrogen, but the amount of ammonium chloride was strictly limited. Ammonium chloride has a unique advantage over natural nitrogen-containing compound urea. Because of the bitter taste of urea, it is difficult to feed directly, but ammonium chloride does not exist. It tastes salty and is more acceptable to animals.


In addition to being added as non-protein nitrogen to the feed of ruminants, it is also widely used in veterinary medicine. Although feed grade ammonium chloride can be used as food supplement for animals such as cattle and sheep, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of addition according to the size and variety of the animal.

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