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    After 27 years of continuous development, Jianghai Company has developed from a school-run factory funded by interest-free loans of the World Bank to a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The persistent pursuit of technology has always been a strong driving force for the company to move forward.
Through continuous innovation of ammonium chloride process and in-depth study of ammonium chloride crystal form, Jianghai Company has mastered all aspects of ammonium chloride production, laying a good technical foundation for final customized production.
Customized production, as the name suggests, is to produce according to customer needs to meet customer personalized needs.Due to the large difference in individual demand for ammonium chloride in all walks of life and the small demand from individual customers, Jianghai Company in the management, supply, production and distribution of each link are all hard work, in order to adapt to this small batch, multi-style, multi-specification and multi-variety of production and sales changes.
Through continuous feedback and improvement from customers, Jianghai Company has formed a set of mature custom production process, from packaging, internal indicators, distribution and process selection to enrich customers' choices.Choose Jianghai is to choose rest assured.
Jianghai company also wholeheartedly for the majority of customers to provide quality services, related to ammonium chloride matters to provide technical support, so that customers can be at ease, at ease.

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