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The effect of feed grade ammonium chloride

Ammonium chloride is divided into several types according to the requirements of different industries, such as feed grade, it can be used as feed additive for cattle and sheep, then what is the effect ?

Feed grade ammonium chloride is industrial ammonium chloride as raw material after purification, to miscellaneous, removing sulfur ions and arsenic and other heavy metal ions, adding iron, calcium, zinc and other elements what animals need . It has the effect that prevent disease and promote growth.

It can effectively be supplement of protein.Nitrogen in ammonium chloride, through a series of biochemical reaction to synthesize nonprotein nitrogen microbial nitrogen amino acids, and microbial protein synthesis, to save the feed protein. Ammonium chloride in abroad as ammonium salt nonprotein nitrogen added to the feed for cattle and sheep and other animals, but the quantity has a strict restriction. Compared with urea, a compound with the highest nitrogen content in nature, ammonium chloride has its unique advantages. For urea, it's bitter to taste and feed directly difficulty,  but ammonium chloride does not have the phenomenon, it taste salty, and animals are more likely to accept. In addition to as nonprotein nitrogen added to the ruminant feed, also widely used in veterinary medicine.

Although ammonium chloride as feed additive in animals such as cattle and sheep has a certain effect, but must according to the size and the different varieties and use different amount.

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