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New Production Line for Jianghai Located in Ningxiang

The second signing ceremony of the 2017 Ningxiang West Line Industrial Corridor was successfully held in the Beijing Hall of Tongcheng Hot Spring Hotel on the morning of March 21. Jianghai Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd has officially entered the Ningxiang Economic Development Zone. March 2 will become the most important day for the development history of Jianghai Company  From now on, Jianghai company and Gree electric appliances, plus soy sauce, Zhonglian heavy science and other outstanding enterprises as the backbone of the park into Hunan's economic add new vitality . 


This time, the project signing activities in the West Line Industrial Corridor signed 8 projects and a total investment of 840 million . The meeting was presided over by he Liquan, deputy county governor of Ningxiang . Liu Junwu, member of the standing Committee of the county party committee and minister of United front work; Feng Zhijun, deputy county head and Liu Jianliang, researcher of the Ningxiang Administrative Committee of the Kaikai District, attended the ceremony.


The signing of the project, there is 3 with investment more than 30 million, 3 with more than 50 million and 3 with more than one billion . There is 2 reinvestment project, Gree air energy water heater production base project is total investment 320 million , land 63 mu, estimated annual output value 890 million, tax 40 million among them.


Since January 16th ,Ningxiang has been signed including Haier Wireless,Sande Group and Chutian Intelligent Medical Industrial Park, including 38 projects, signed up to 9.29 billion. 


The main axis of the industrial corridor of Ningxiang County West Line is Jinsha Road-Station Front Road-Longjiang Road. Jinzhou Boulevard-Yumei Boulevard 、319 National Road-Ning Wang Road is as the parallel line. It fully relies on "three regions and five towns" , further integrated functional areas setting to form the near-term planning control area of 130 square kilometers, long-term planning area of 200 square kilometers of the industrial corridor. Entering Ningxiang Economic Development Zone will make Jianghai have a broader development space and a better vision.


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