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The Application for Pharma Grade Ammonium Chloride in Cough

Industrial ammonium chloride as raw materials through purification, remove of impurities, removal of sulfur ions and heavy metal ions such as arsenic was made our pharma grade ammonium chloride.It acts as expectorant for sputum caused by iron deficiency, it relieves a cough, especially for the one caused by drying mucosa and thick sputum, applicable for initial bronchitis. Today Jianghai engineer give you details about the application for pharma grade ammonium chloride in cough medicine.
Action and use: nausea expectorant. Stimulated gastric mucosa and increased secretion of mucous membrane of respiratory tract, making sputum thinning and easy to cough out. Ammonium ion is converted into urea in body, chloride ion concentration is increased, and it is excreted together with sodium ion and water to play a diuretic effect. At the same time, chlorine ion replaced bicarbonate ions, neutralizing excessive alkali in the body, thereby correcting metabolic alkalosis.

It is used in acute respiratory inflammation for cough, cardiac, renal edema (combined with mercuria, can increase its diuretic effect) and acute metabolic alkalosis.

Usage and dosage : dispelling phlegm, 0.3 ~ 0.6g each time, 3 times a day, 30 ~ 60mg/kg per day for children, 3 times, diuresis or acidification of body fluid and urine, 0.6 to 2g each time, 3 times a day, 75mg/kg, 3 times. Injection 500ml, 2 to 20g a day


 Bad effect : nausea, vomiting, thirst, and so on.Applying too much can cause high chlorine acid hematic. Too fast for intravenous injection is easy to cause central nervous system toxicity,spinal cord, medulla oblongata respiratory center and vascular motor center excited, and even produce tonic convulsion and respiratory arrest.. 
Considerations: 1. Severe liver and kidney insufficiency, ulcerative disease and metabolic acidosis are forbidden. 2. Oral administration is usually made of 5 ~ 10% aqueous solution to reduce mucosal irritation.
Drug interaction: 1. Should not be combined with potassium diuretics. 2. Combined with aspirin can reduce excretion and enhance efficacy. 3. Combined with weak basic drugs such as pethidine and procaine can promote the excretion .

Preparation and specification :Tablet: 0.3 g. Solution: 10%.
Injection: 250 ml: 5 g


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