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ammonium chloride products

ammonium chloride products

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 Analysis pure ammonium chloride adopts industrial ammonium chloride as raw materials through purification, to removal of impurities and a series of crafts refined , white powder or granular crystal.Taste salty and bitter cold,  relative density 1.527, it is soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol, soluble in liquid ammonia, insoluble in acetone .It become volatile when heated to 100 degrees, 337.8 degrees dissociate to ammonia and hydrogen chloride.When it is cold, it recombines into a small amount of ammonium chloride and white smoke, is not easy to sink and also very not easy to dissolve in water.Heated to 350 degrees sublimation, the boiling point is 520 degrees,absorbing moisture a little, but also in the humid rainy weather it can damp and agglomerate.Powdery ammonium chloride extremely easy absorb moisture, especially wet ammonium .Hygroscopic point is in commonly 76%, when the relative humidity in the air is greater than the hygroscopic point, ammonium chloride is a phenomenon of moisture absorption, easy to agglomerate.Aqueous solution is weakly acidic, acid enhance when heating. For black metal and other metal , it's corrosive, especially for copper , the pig iron is no corrosive action.


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