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Ammonium Chloride as Anti-stress Additive in Livestock and P

Ammonium Chloride as Anti-stress Additive in Livestock and P

  • Product:Ammonium Chloride
  • CAS No: 12125-02-9
  • Supply Ability:35,000MT / Year
  • Port:Wuhan and Shanghai
  • Payment: T/T

Ammonium chloride can reduce the ph value of blood in the heat stress of poultry and reduce the damage caused by respiratory alkalosis.Xia Dong found that ammonium chloride has a good effect on acute heat stress, but it is not suitable for chronic heat stress. It should play a role in alleviating stress.Chromium can affect the response of animal stress by changing the secretion of corticosteroids and enhancing the utilization of glucose, which can alleviate the stress.Supplementation of chromium to calves under stress due to transportation and marketing can reduce serum cortisol level, increase daily gain of calves, enhance immune function of calves and reduce morbidity.Supplementation of organic chromium to perinatal dairy cattle can improve the immune function of dairy cattle.The 0.4 mg / kg yeast chromium in the dietary supplementation can improve the performance of broilers and enhance their immunity to some extent .Supplementation of chromium to pigs exposed to short-term and sustained high-temperature stress, which it can reduce the level of serum cortisol and improve the performance of pigs.

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