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Zinc chloride industry grade

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Name : Zinc chloride industry grade

Package : PVC woven bags with PE liner for 25KG/bag

English name: Zinc Chloride
CAS: 7646-85-7
Molecular formula: ZnCl2

     Zinc Chloride can be made into dehydrator, catalyst , mordant, sizing agent and increase heavy agent, it can also be Oil fining and activated carbon activator. It can used in the fireproofing materials for it’s affinity with silk and fiber, it can be used as a kind of smell clean agent in textile , zinc chloride can also attack the metallic oxide and come into being the MznOC12, that is its physical theory as an metallic flux. Zinc chloride greatly used in the battery , hardboard, electrolplate, medicine, and wood prevertion, pesticide and welding ect. As the fast development of oil, organic synthesis industry , its quantity demanded also is becoming growing , and promoting the rise of the industry zinc chloride .

Package: PVC woven bags with PE liner for 25KG/bag or in bulk.

Technical index:
The zinc chloride quality standard :HG/T 2323-92
former Soviet Union state standard:§¤OCT 7345-78

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