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zinc chloride baterry grade

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Name : zinc chloride baterry grade

Package :

 Withe powder or crystal. Easy dissolve in water, and also can dissolve in Methanol ,ethanol glycerin, propanol ethyl and ether. It has the good electric conduction ability when it was fusing. And also can produce white smoke when was been meltdown. It has corrosivity and poisonous. Relative density : 2.91 and fusion point: 283档

Zinc chloride battery grade can be used in electrolyte and industry electrolyte, also can be made into industry dehydrant agent,condensation agent,catalyst agent and can be used in textile industry,oil industry,metallurgical industry. When it used in dipping timber or hard paper board, can make it have non-corrosibility and fire resistance. It can also as a kind of material to produce foam fire-fighting and zinc cyanide.

 pacakge , shipping and storage

Pacakaging: PVC woven bag in PE liner 50kg/bag, storage in dry place , avoid in open -air.


It must have overcover during transportation processing for prevent from rain or damp. It also cannot be transported along with plastic or food products.


It has strong corrosivity and must have safeguard procedures during production ,transportation  and storage.




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