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Magnesium chloride

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Name : Magnesium chloride

Package : PVC woven bags with PE liner for 25KG/bag

Physical characters:
molecular formula:MgCl2.6H2O
formula weight:203.31
character: Soluble in water and ethanol
sensory index : white sheet-shape, bitter taste

Product intro:
Magnesium chloride (MgC12.6H20),which have crystal water of Six molecules. It easy to moisture and will lost its crystal water for being placed in dry air. It is a monoclinic crystal and brackish , corrosive characters. It can be used in magnesium metal, disinfectant, freezing brine, ceramics, and can be used in padded fabric, paper-making industry ect; its solution mix with magnesium oxide which can be a hard wear-resisting magnesian cement.


1. Metallurgy industry: it can be used in refractory material and adhesive of Bricklaying arm, which is the material of the Number two flux and magnesium metal.
2. chemical industry:it can be used in all kinds of magnesium salt, such as the magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, Firecrackers solid lead agent, it can also be used in the antifreeze material.
3. building material: the magnesia cement made in magnesium oxide(MgO) with industrial magnesium chloride, which can made into manmade marble , Bitter earth watts, floor, ceiling, decorative sheet, board fireproofing, plastic tents support, partition plate, Magnesium the manhole cover, bathtub, sash
4. engineering industry: magnesia can be made into mechnical package , triangule mat edges and furnitures in daily life, it is a kind of material which can substitute for the normal material.
5. Food industry: the bean curd made by magnesium chloride which is more delicious and fresh than the bean curd made by stone, it can also used in food additive.
6. Transport industry: magnesium chloride can be used as snow melt agent, it can dissolve the ice in fast speed and less corrosive to vehicle, which more efficient than sodium chloride.
7. Medicine : magnesium chloride made into the dry brine which can be used in medicine.
8. Agriculture: magnesium chloride can be made into magnesium fertilizer, deleaf defoliant.

Package: PVC woven bags with PE liner for 25KG/bag or in bulk.

Technical index:
Main content (MgCL2)   46%MIN.
MgCl2. 6H2O   98%MIN.
SO4 - 1.0%MAX.
Water Insoluble matter   0.2%MAX.
CL  - 0.6%MAX.
Ca2  - 0.14%MAX.

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