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Ammonium Chloride in Leather Processing

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Leather tanning is essentially the conversion of raw animal hides(cows, sheep, goats, buffalo) into leather by a series of chemical(for example, ammonium chloride) reactions that alters the protein structure to preserve the hide. Ammonium Chloride, is often used in the process of deliming and Re-tanning. 

Firstly hides are soaked for one or two days in water, wetting agents and bactericides, to remove the salt. They are then treated in pits or drums with lime and sodium sulfide to remove hair and excess flesh, in processes called liming. 
Ammonium Chloride, used during the deliming process and helps remove lime from the hides or skin. 
In the re-tanning process, tanning agents are spread evenly through the leather. This can involve tanning agents, resin, vegetable tannins and other chemicals. The hide is then ready for drying with acid dyes, alkaline dyes, or varous others. Ammonium chloride, ammonium hydroxide, labeling agents, synthetic tanning agents, vegetable extracts, formic acid, and acetic acid are also used.  


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