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Production & Property of Ammonium Chloride from Zhuzhou Jianghai

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Pure crystalline of ammonium chloride is a typical equiaxed crystal, cesium chloride type. Its solubility changes greatly with the change of temperature. What’s more, ammonium, both its’ radius and property, is very close to potassium. As a result, it’s easy to cause a mass of druse, mixed crystal, flaky crystal, thus not suitable for the high class application. 
Technicians, leaded by professor Tang Chengshou, the company president, found out a set of manufacturing process of unsaturated, phased, mutation of crystallization. This creative method solved completely the stubborn problem of impure crystal, making our ammonium chloride’s quality equals to or surpass same kind of product from German BASF Co.. 
Ammonium chloride, famous for its strong acid & weak alkalis character, is a strong electrolyte. It’s highly soluble in water, being ionized into Cl(chlorine iron) and N(Ammonium iron) . Solutions of ammonium chloride are mildly acidic. 
All the applications are developed from the two ions and its acidic character of solution. What’s more, the two ions could be degraded and discharged, being sate to both animals and human beings. As a result, ammonium chloride is widely used in fields like soy sauce, fermentation, NPN supplement to ruminants, anti-calculus medicines etc. 


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